By SkinnyMs.

You know your dog is adorable, but there’s no doubt that once in a while he or she can do some pretty weird things and behave in inexplicable ways. In the following list, we help you to decipher the reasons behind your furry best friend’s odd behavior.

1. Peeing When Excited
When a dog pees when he meets someone, it usually means he is very excited. This behavior is often exhibited by puppies who have yet to develop bladder control. When this young dog behavior happens, don’t yell. Simply wipe it up and take the pup outside. Or better yet, try to greet the dog outside every time you come home.

2. Excited When You Get Home
Out of all dog behaviors, this one is one of our favorites. After a long day there’s nothing better than getting a very warm welcome when you walk in the door. Dogs have very short attention spans, so they don’t understand just how long you’ve been gone. So they are very excited to see you when you come home, and have no problems showing it!

3. After-Bath Crazy Time
You’ve seen it. After a bath, your dog runs around the house like a psycho. Your pup is simply trying to get the unusual sensation of wet fur off of him. The feeling is particularly odd, so they do what they can to shake it out and rub themselves against furniture in an attempt to make it go away.

4. Circling Ritual Before Lying Down
This dog behavior comes from their ancestors. As a way to pat down grassy patches and dirt spots, and scare bugs and pests away, dogs have been circling their sleeping space for years. Also, wild dogs have historically slept in big groups, in a circle, to protect themselves from dangers outside the circle.

5. Howling
A howling dog is communicating. It is a typical response to an ambulance, thunderstorm, or any other cause of distress. This dog behavior technique is simply your dog displaying his or her emotions. In fact, researchers say that dogs howl when you leave the house because they are behaving as they did with their wolf ancestors. The dogs would call the leader of the pack back home when he left.

6. Sniffing Other Dogs
These dog behavior is similar to humans shaking hands. It is a greeting. The area that is the most popular region to sniff is the bottom because it has the strongest odor. Other popular spots to sniff are the ears or all over the body so the other dog gets a really good smell.

7. Licking
Many think that dog licks are simply “kisses.” But that’s not entirely true. Immediately after being born, puppies are licked by their mother to clean off any of the excess mess from birth and to be groomed. As puppies grow, their mothers perform this licking behavior to show dominance. When a dog licks you, it is their way of acknowledging that you are the boss and that they trust you – and they love it!

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