If you’re like us, your pooch is a member of your family. So it’s only natural that you’re searching for Valentine’s Day pet ideas that will include your dog in the gift-giving tradition! Here are six of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for your dog that are sure to be a big hit.

1. Superfood Doggie Fresh Breath Treats
We eat clean so why not feed our dogs healthy food and treats? Pamper your 4-legged family member with our holistic Superfood Doggie Fresh Breath Treats. You’ll love your dog’s breath and your dog will thank you! 

2. Antler Chews
Too much rawhide can be rough on dogs’ stomachs, and processed bones can chip and splinter, making them a choking hazard. Enter antlers. Typically coming from deer or elk, antlers are an excellent, long-lasting natural chew for dogs. They’re on the pricier side, but they’ll get much more mileage than a standard rawhide bone. Choose a responsible company (we like this one) that only harvests antlers from natural shedding or legally hunted game.

3. Plush Dog Bed
Is your pup notorious for taking up half the bed? Gifting him with a comfy bed that’s all his own may be the perfect solution. We love the Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopedic model, which provides ample support for older dogs with arthritis or joint pain.

4. Treat Maze
Great for the dog who devours her food too quickly, the treat maze is a fun and interactive way to make her “work” for her food. It wobbles and wiggles unpredictably, only dispensing a few pieces of food or small treats at a time. An added bonus: it’s super simple to clean. Just rinse under running water or run in the dishwasher.

5. Shampoo
Let’s be honest—the is as much a gift for your nose as it is your pet. But for the dog who loves bath time, what’s more fun than some good-smelling suds to splash around in? We love DERmagic’s Skin Rescue Shampoo Bar because it smells amazing and it’s made from all natural ingredients with minimal processing.

6. KONG Squeakair Balls
If your dog likes tennis balls and squeaky toys, he’ll fall head over heels (paws?) for KONG’s Squeakair balls. Perfect for both fetch and independent play, these toys are built tough to last much longer than an ordinary tennis ball. Plus, they come in fun, bright colors, so they’re easy to track down in a sea of grass.

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