A lot can change in 30 days. 30 days is 4 weeks, and 4 weeks of hard work brings results, especially if you concentrate on one specific area. Strong, sexy, toned triceps. You want them. You need them. We have them for you. Put your order in now and in 30 days we’ll deliver them right to your bed when you wake up.

This 30-day challenge is going to take everything out of your triceps. All muscles provide a different type of burning sensation when you workout, and triceps are one of our favorites. Being the bigger muscle compared to the bicep, there is so much untapped strength and potential in the tricep. Once you wrap up, you’ll see how firm and toned your triceps are, and you’ll love every second of that burn! Three workouts a week for 30 days. That’s 12 work days and 16 rest days. Make sure you work hard!

Equipment Needed: Interval Timer (gym boss is a free app), two medium dumbbell weights (think 10-15 lbs), one heavy weight (think 15-20 lbs), yoga mat or soft surface, chair and/or flat bench, water to keep you hydrated

What to Do: Below are the 3 workouts. Review each workout and watch the videos to become familiarized with each exercise. For best results, we recommend alternating the workout order during the week and also alternating work days. Make sure to rest those arms! You’ll need it. Check out our sample routine, if you want a little direction on your 30-day challenge.


Week 1:
Monday-Workout 1
Wednesday- Workout 2
Friday- Workout 3

Week 2:
Tuesday- Workout 2
Thursday- Workout 1
Saturday- Workout 3

Week 3:
Monday- Workout 3
Thursday- Workout 1
Sunday- Workout 2

Week 4:
Tuesday- Workout 3
Thursday- Workout 2
Saturday- Workout 1


Workout 1: Perform each exercise for 12 reps, 3 sets. Medium dumbbells and yoga mat or flat bench needed.

1. Alternating Tricep Extension
2. Tricep Kickback
3. Skull Crushers
4. Alternating Cross Body Tricep Extensions

Workout 2: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds. Repeat 3 times. Yoga mat, chair or flat bench needed.

1. Diamond Push ups
2. Tricep Dips
3. Incline Close Grip Push ups
4. Bodyweight Tricep Extension

Workout 3: Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, rest 30 seconds in between each set. Repeat 2 times. 2 medium weights or 1 heavy weight and yoga mat or flat bench.

1. Seated Tricep Extension
2. Tricep Dips
3. Skull Crushers
4. Diamond Push ups
5. Chair Dips

Tricep Kickback

Skull Crushers

Cross Body Tricep Extension

Diamond Pushups

Chair Dips

Incline Close Grip Pushups

Bodyweight Tricep Extension

Tricep Extensions

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